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“We’re sortof a big, awkward, tight-knit family.”

This is how Matt and Allie describe their newly-formed family of four. Soon after Matt and Allie got married, they wanted a companion for Matt’s English Bulldog Giuseppe, and Lois the Frenchie puppy was the perfect fit! Matt says, “Thankfully our plan to provide a companion for Giuseppe worked and they are now best friends. It would have been pretty devastating if it backfired on us!”

Lois and Giuseppe live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and their daily routine includes sleeping, wrestling, eating, and taking a daily walk to the Williamsburg pier. “They’re practically inseparable,” says Matt.

It was a joy photographing these two New York City bulldogs. This is a glimpse into their world.

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We are so excited to have Liz and Dan‘s beautiful St. Barnard’s Cathedral wedding and University Club reception published in the Whirl Wedding Guide this year! Liz and Dan’s wedding was absolutely stunning from start to finish, and we are so thankful for clients who make our job such a joy.

  • September 23, 2014 - 12:43 am

    Nanjatiana - Anna – Wow!!! The pictures are cviniaatptg. Its amazing how children like these can inspire you just from a picture. My favorite after looking many time is the first one ..I felt like this is what Peter Pan would look like as a little boy.ReplyCancel


When I first met Amanda and Jonathan, we talked about our common love for the Strip District and had a wonderful time documenting their relationship before marriage. When their wedding day finally arrived, it was one of the most beautiful days of the year, and it took place in one of my FAVORITE venues in the city: The Renaissance Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh. It was a gorgeous, classy day, and we were so thankful to be part of it.

Here are a few favorite images from their day. Enjoy!!

Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0002 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0003 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0004 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0005 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0006 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0007 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0008 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0009 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0010 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0011 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0012 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0013 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0014 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0015 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0016 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0017 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0018 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0019 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0020 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0021 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0022 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0023 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0024 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0025 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0026 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0027 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0028 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0029 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0030 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0031 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0032 Amanda_Jonathan_Blog_0033 pittsburgh pa wedding photographers renaissance wedding husband wife wedding photographer pittsburgh wedding photojournalist pittsburgh pa creative pittsburgh wedding photographer unique downtown pittsburgh wedding photos downtown pittsburgh wedding photographer north shore trail wedding pittsburgh north shore downtown pittsburgh wedding north shore wedding photography pittsburgh pa first dance photos renaissance pittsburgh renaissance hotel pittsburgh photographer renaissance wedding pittsburgh renaissance hotel downtown pittsburgh parenaissance hotel pittsburgh pa pittsburgh wedding photographer renaissance hotel pittsburgh photographer renaissance renaissance wedding reception photography pittsburgh pa renaissance wedding renaissance wedding reception photos renaissance pittsburgh wedding reception the renaissance pittsburgh wedding Renaissance wedding reception

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    Cassandra - Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for capturing my baby’s sister’s magical day :)!!ReplyCancel


Holly and Neil’s wedding day was one of the most classy, sweet, loving, FUN days I’ve ever documented. From the minute we showed up, we were welcomed into their day as if we were family, and it was such a joy photographing their love. The wedding began at St. Mary’s on the beautiful Mount Washington, and the reception was held at the stunning Omni William Penn Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh.

Holly and Neil, thank you for inviting us to be part of your day. It was truly beautiful in every way.

Holly_Neil_Blog_0003 Holly_Neil_Blog_0005 Holly_Neil_Blog_0008 Holly_Neil_Blog_0009 Holly_Neil_Blog_0004 Holly_Neil_Blog_0006 Holly_Neil_Blog_0010 Holly_Neil_Blog_0011 Holly_Neil_Blog_0012 Holly_Neil_Blog_0013 Holly_Neil_Blog_0014 Holly_Neil_Blog_0015 Holly_Neil_Blog_0016 Holly_Neil_Blog_0017 Holly_Neil_Blog_0018 Holly_Neil_Blog_0019 Holly_Neil_Blog_0020 Holly_Neil_Blog_0022 Holly_Neil_Blog_0023 Holly_Neil_Blog_0024 Holly_Neil_Blog_0025 Holly_Neil_Blog_0026 Holly_Neil_Blog_0027 Holly_Neil_Blog_0028 Holly_Neil_Blog_0029 Holly_Neil_Blog_0030 Holly_Neil_Blog_0031 Holly_Neil_Blog_0032 Holly_Neil_Blog_0033 Holly_Neil_Blog_0034 Holly_Neil_Blog_0035 Holly_Neil_Blog_0036 Holly_Neil_Blog_0037 Holly_Neil_Blog_0038 Holly_Neil_Blog_0039 Holly_Neil_Blog_0040 Holly_Neil_Blog_0041 Holly_Neil_Blog_0042 Holly_Neil_Blog_0043 Holly_Neil_Blog_0044 Holly_Neil_Blog_0045 Holly_Neil_Blog_0046 Holly_Neil_Blog_0047 Holly_Neil_Blog_0048 Holly_Neil_Blog_0049 Holly_Neil_Blog_0050 Holly_Neil_Blog_0051 Holly_Neil_Blog_0052 Holly_Neil_Blog_0053 Holly_Neil_Blog_0054 Holly_Neil_Blog_0055



Ever since traveling to Chicago to photograph Crystal and Mike’s engagement, we have been SO excited for their wedding day to arrive! When it finally did, it was a gorgeous, fun day with a chapel ceremony, a beautiful outdoor reception, and the most amazing dance party I have ever seen!

Crystal and Mike, thank you so much to you and your families for welcoming us so warmly into your day. It was so much fun to document, and most of all, it was a joy spending time with both of you again.

Crystal_Mike_Blog_0002 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0003 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0004 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0005 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0006 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0007 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0008 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0009 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0010 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0011 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0012 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0013 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0014 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0015 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0016 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0017 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0018 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0019 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0020 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0021 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0022 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0023 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0024 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0025 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0026 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0027 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0028 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0029 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0030 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0031 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0032 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0033 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0034 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0035 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0038 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0040 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0042 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0044 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0045 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0046 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0047 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0048 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0049 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0050 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0001 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0051 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0052 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0053 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0054 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0055 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0056 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0057 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0058 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0059 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0060 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0061 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0062 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0063 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0064 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0065 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0066 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0067 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0068 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0069 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0070 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0071 Crystal_Mike_Blog_0072

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    Kate Weckesser English - Aaaaawwww!ReplyCancel

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    Ally Girone - Wow, very pretty! Really captures how much fun was hadReplyCancel

longue vue golf club wedding photos

Lauren and Brendan’s wedding day was so incredibly beautiful from start to finish… from the stunning St. Bernards ceremony to our sunny portrait session to the elegant Longue Vue Club reception, every detail was perfect. These two did not stop smiling all day, and it was a JOY to document their love.

Lauren and Brendan, I can’t thank you enough for being YOU. You made our jobs so easy and fun, and I am so excited for you to see a preview of your photos. :)

Lauren_Brendan_Blog_0002 Lauren_Brendan_Blog_0003 Lauren_Brendan_Blog_0004 Lauren_Brendan_Blog_0005 Lauren_Brendan_Blog_0006 Lauren_Brendan_Blog_0007 Lauren_Brendan_Blog_0008 Lauren_Brendan_Blog_0009 Lauren_Brendan_Blog_0010 Lauren_Brendan_Blog_0011 Lauren_Brendan_Blog_0012 Lauren_Brendan_Blog_0013 Lauren_Brendan_Blog_0014 wedding photographer St. Bernards church St. Bernards wedding pittsburgh St. Bernards mt lebanon wedding St. Bernards church wedding photos pittsburgh St. Bernards pittsburgh wedding photo ideas St. Bernards Parish wedding photographer St. Bernards Parish wedding photos St. Bernards Parish wedding Lauren_Brendan_Blog_0023 downtown pittsburgh wedding photos bridges husband wife wedding photography team pittsburgh husband wife wedding photographers pittsburgh best photographer longue vue club pittsburgh longue vue club wedding photos longue view club wedding longue vue club pittsburgh wedding longue vue beautiful wedding photos longue vue wedding photo locations longue vue club pittsburgh wedding portraits Lauren_Brendan_Blog_0035 Lauren_Brendan_Blog_0036 Lauren_Brendan_Blog_0037 Lauren_Brendan_Blog_0038 longue vue club wedding portraits longue vue golf club pittsburgh longue vue club pittsburgh weddings longue vue club reception photos longue vue club penn hills wedding photography longue vue club pittsburgh longue vue club pittsburgh photography longue vue club pittsburgh wedding longue vue club pittsburgh photography longue vue club pittsburgh pittsburgh cookie table ring shot

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    Kathy Morgan - OMG I love everyone of these. Great job!ReplyCancel

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    Victoria Deardorff - really nice milla!ReplyCancel

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    Ajmal - Sean, I am amazed at the Memorial Tree Garden and your cmmnitmeot and dedication to this wonderful project. As a member of Hays Hills, I want to say thank you for all your hard work and tell you how much I appreciate having such a beautiful place to go to for prayer, reflection, and meditation. May God be praised and my His blessings be upon you.Tim SnowdenReplyCancel


I knew Allison and Mike were going to be a good fit for us when they emailed to introduce themselves and to tell us about their adorable puggle named Ella! We were sad that Ella couldn’t make the wedding, but we were SO excited to work with Allison and Mike and to document their beautiful day. The wedding ceremony took at Heinz Chapel in Oakland and the reception was at the University of Pittsburgh’s beautiful University Club terrace and ballroom.

Allison and Mike, thank you so much for treating us like old friends and for welcoming us to tell the story of your day. Your family and friends were so kind, and we had a wonderful time celebrating with you. Here are a few favorites from your day!

Allison_Mike_0002 Allison_Mike_0004 Allison_Mike_0003

Allison_Mike_0006 Allison_Mike_0007 Allison_Mike_0008 Allison_Mike_0009 Allison_Mike_0010 Allison_Mike_0011 Allison_Mike_0012 Allison_Mike_0013 Allison_Mike_0014 Allison_Mike_0015 Allison_Mike_0016 Allison_Mike_0017 Allison_Mike_0018 Allison_Mike_0019 Allison_Mike_0020 Allison_Mike_0021 Allison_Mike_0022 Allison_Mike_0023 Allison_Mike_0024 Allison_Mike_0025 Allison_Mike_0026 Allison_Mike_0027 Allison_Mike_0028 Allison_Mike_0030 Allison_Mike_0031 Allison_Mike_0001 Allison_Mike_0034 Allison_Mike_0035 Allison_Mike_0037 Allison_Mike_0038 Allison_Mike_0039 Allison_Mike_0040 Allison_Mike_0041 Allison_Mike_0042 Allison_Mike_0043 Allison_Mike_0044 Allison_Mike_0045 Allison_Mike_0046 Allison_Mike_0047 Allison_Mike_0048 Allison_Mike_0049 Allison_Mike_0050 Allison_Mike_0051 Allison_Mike_0052 Allison_Mike_0053

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    Kathy Bates - Unbelievable!! ReplyCancel

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    Beth Crook Insalaco - Gorgeous photos, Milla & Brad! ReplyCancel

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    Anonymous - Fabulous!
    Perfect couple…..perfect day….wonderful memories captured!ReplyCancel

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Rachel and Chris just celebrated their three-year anniversary living in a sweet little apartment in NYC’s Upper East Side. They moved to New York City for Chris to go to medical school, and since they might be leaving the city soon to pursue residency, they wanted photos to remember their time here!

Rachel and Chris, we had such a wonderful time hanging out with you two and being introduced to your favorite spots in NYC. Here are a few photos from our time together.

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