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I don’t think I’ve ever met a happier 4-month old than this sweet little boy.

I got to hang out with D and his sweet mom (who is also a wonderful friend of mine) this weekend to document his baptism week. He was happy and grinning most of the time, that is until we blew straight through his normal morning nap-time. The last few pictures show his “please put me to bed” faces!

Thanks, guys, for having me out to document this very special time in the life of your family. We love you all very much and couldn’t be happier for you.









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It’s the end of April and it’s finally spring here in the great state of Pennsylvania.

We have been working inside for months- looking for great big windows, learning studio lighting, praying for a little sun. But, not any more, folks. Not any more.

Now we can get outside!

Julia is making her first communion in a few weeks, and Brad and I got to hang out with her in the beautiful sunlight to document this big step in her life. She is a sweet girl who is so grown-up for her age, and we were lucky enough to enjoy her beautiful smile for a little while last week.

Thanks again Julia and Christian and Elaine. We so enjoyed our time with your sweet family.

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Jack has quite a sense of humor.

And you wouldn’t know it upon meet him, as he seems reserved at first. However, give him just a few minutes and he’ll be telling jokes and showing you his dance moves.

Brad and I were lucky enough to hang out with Jack and take some pictures to commemorate his first communion, which is taking place next week. Jack got a great new first-communion suit, and his mom and dad reserved an amazing little chapel for the photos where we could work inside and out.

Thanks again, guys. I thoroughly enjoyed our time.

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Hannah is a beautiful, happy, genuine person who loves others deeply. And, I think you can tell it just by seeing her smile.

Hannah is beginning a new job search in acting and broadcasting, and she asked me if I could take some studio headshots to help get the search started. Of course, I was thrilled to do it, and as it turned out, we got to hang out on her birthday and take these pictures.

Thanks, Hannah, for hanging out and smiling until your cheeks hurt! I really enjoyed it.







Ben and Eli are two of my favorites. Here are some valentines-day pictures of these great kids.




eli3 copy

One main purpose of my photography is to document interaction – whether it be wedding photography or child photography, the same principle remains:

Interaction between people is what matters. It’s personal touch that makes life full.

When you look back on photos of your children, it will be nice to have photos of their smiles and eyes, but I think it’s sometimes even nicer to have photos that remind you how tall he was, how she loved snuggling in your lap, or how his little head fit perfectly on that spot on your shoulder.

Here are a few examples of this type of interaction from my photo shoot yesterday with Mr. Aden! He is about to turn two years old, and he and his mom have a sweet relationship. I hope that years from now, these photos will remind his family of a few of the small things that meant so much when he was this age.



Last week I hung out with the wonderful duo of Conner and Lena. We became buddies very quickly and Connor even showed me his “oh-so-cool” blue room. Great, great kids. Thanks so much for asking me over to play.





Meet Oren and Seba. The coolest names you’ve ever heard, right? Thanks, Jen, for letting me hang out with you and your wonderful boys. I so enjoyed them!


0441 copy

0419 copy

0428 copy

Okay, I’m sure you’ve heard about them before if you’ve spent more than 30 minutes with me. This is Tuco (on the left) and Turk (with his favorite toy on the right). The sun came out today, and we couldn’t resist taking a little in!


Meet Audrey and Calvin! I am so happy to have hung out with these two on Sunday afternoon. They are the kind of kids who would make anyone love kids. Know what I mean? Here are a few favorites of block building, book reading, and picture drawing!

0343 copy


0339 copy


I got to hang out in a high-energy, high-fun house last week with Isaac, Theo, and Nora (and mom Chrissie!). We played monkey in the middle, built a train track, and ate a great lunch all the while documenting the day in pictures. Thanks guys!

0274 copy


0281 copy


It was negative 6 and sunny last Friday when I went to take pictures with Trista and Nikhil, so we stayed warm and cozy inside their house and played with the beautiful light coming through their windows. Nikhil was a trooper! He loved kicking and punching, and he also loved looking right into the camera! Thanks Trista and Nikhil!

0226 copy


0228 copy

0251 copy

Remember the duo I photographed last year? Well, now they are a trio! And, I was lucky enough to take some newborn pictures of their Dominic. He was amazing! He loved the clicking of the camera, and he never fussed about having his picture taken. I tried something different with a few of these pictures and converted them to look a little antique-y!





Meet Phin and Silas! Silas slept much of the morning while mom, Phin, and I read books and played with dinosaurs and built a train track. What fun! I certainly learned that ittle boys play very differently than little girls; my sister and I used to have care bears and my little ponies instead of dinosaurs and pirate ships! Thanks guys for letting me hang out with you on such a cold, snowy morning. I loved it.